Just about all of the foods you eat contain some sort of contaminant. In order to be able to grow things fast enough to keep up with the demands of our population help from chemicals and pesticides is required.

One way to avoid this is by visit a low farmers market. Sure food does tend to be a bit more expensive but it much higher in quality.

One thing we have to do is avoid things that will cause irritation and inflammation. This is the way most major medical issues begin.

Something as simple as snoring can be cause by inflammation of the throat. Other bigger issues like heart disease begin via inflammation of the blood vessels.

One huge way we build up this irritation is with fast food. It has been studied and determined that deep fried foods tend to oxidize our insides.

People that work have the hardest time finding something healthy to eat. They don’t have a lot of time and sometimes the energy or drive to eat better.

You can find online ideas to put together a better lunch. Here is a cool video we found with good ideas.

Start with a better lunch. It will make a huge difference. Drink only water. There is no reason you should eat sugar.